Report an incident

If you have witnessed an illegal contamination incident or poisoning event share it here.

Report an incident. Share your story.

UnPoison is collecting a database of incidents to help build the case against the current state of agrichemical use in South Africa. Your story will help us do that. To protect your identity no personal information will be shared publicly on the website. We will only post Question 4 where you decsribe what happened and where.

Please share your story. Include where this takes place, what crop or space is being sprayed, how often, over which period of time, what health impacts have been experienced, or what environmental impacts have been caused.
Place: The name of the farm or estate or park etc. + town + province
Is it being sprayed by hand? By centrifugal tractor application? By plane? etc.
Do you know which chemical is being used?
Please describe what the chemical was being applied to: crop; lawn; roadside etc.
Please submit a date and time eg. 01 Jan 21, 17:00, OR a period of time, eg. every day for the month of October; Or once a week from August to November etc.

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